Hello! My name is <REDACTED> and this is my strangely impersonal food blog! As you can see, my brain is a turkey.

Okay. Let’s try that again. My name is Devin. I am an aspiring cook currently residing in Seattle, Washington. My aim is to learn as much as there is to learn about all types of food and how to cook them.

This blog is a chronicle of my learning journey. You may notice that unlike many other food blogs, my blog is a) less professional, b) less polished (sorry!), and c) more detailed in its instructions. The last bit, my focus on details, help describe the cooking process as I attempt to reason through why something should be cooked in a certain way, what specific things I should pay attention to, and what is the exact taste, texture, aroma, and color that I should be aiming for in each component of a dish. This attention to detail stems from my cooking philosophy that for every dish, there is only a few methods to cook each component that is the optimal way to cook them to produce the best resulting dish. It is also my wish that these details will help other aspiring cooks less experienced than myself to see and understand certain nuances that go into creating a dish.

Of course, I do try to break up the monotony of text with a few politically incorrect and possibly somewhat offensive comments and pictures. I hope you enjoy these blogs 🙂

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