Pan Fried Noodles

Welcome one and all to the 16th installment of Food in Mind! That’s right, sweet sixteen, the age at which teens start causing road accidents in the United States and three more installments than the number of times Square-Enix has misunderstood what the “Final” part of “Final Fantasy” actually means. We’ve almost reached the point where the Food in Mind blog will catch up with The Ghetto Cook in terms of entries.

This installment is not to be confused with the fourteenth entry, spicy fried noodles. Unlike spicy fried noodles, this is a dish where the noodles and the vegetables and meats are cooked separately from one another. Following these instructions, you should end up with a colorful stir fry nested in a bed of crispy noodles. Let’s move on to the cooking!



There are six ninjas in this picture. They are not ingredients in this dish.

Ingredients listed are for a single serving. Multiply amounts as you need.

Some Noodles*
Thai Peanut Satay Sauce**
Cooking Oil
1/2 green bell pepper
1/3 large onion
2 oz bamboo shoots
2 sprigs green onion
2 oz carrots, thinly sliced***
3 oz pork, cut into bite-sized strips

*READ THIS: Use a “soft noodle”, as in not an Italian pasta. Most noodles in an Asian market would work. I used angel hair pasta more as a proof of concept. It works, but is not ideal. You can even use instant ramen noodles. Instant ramen noodles have already been fried once, so this will be like twice-fried noodles. It has a nice rich crunch to it, almost like butter cookies.
**Any type of flavorful sauce would do, but this is nice. You can also use oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, a bunch of other sauces.
***Again, the varieties of vegetables can be changed depending on what you have on hand. Try to use crispy things.

Build Order

At least two hours before cooking, slice your meat into strips and marinate in Thai Satay Peanut Sauce, or whichever sauce you have on hand.

Marination in progress.

Granted, you could fish out something that looks like this from your nearest sewer grate, but it wouldn't taste nearly as good.

Fill a pot with water and a dash of salt, then bring the water to a boil. Cook noodles until al dente and drain.

In a separate sauce pan, pour out about three tablespoons of oil over medium heat. Salt noodles lightly and place them into the pan with oil. Let noodles sit.

Back when I was your age we had to walk barefoot knee deep in snow six miles up a steep hill carrying the baby brother on one shoulder and backpack on the other shoulder just to get to school, and we ate our noodles plain, like this.

These noodles will need to cook for at least ten minutes. If you have a ghetto assed stove like mine where the heating coil isn’t even level, you might need to rotate the pan every now and then to get even heat and oil coverage. Otherwise, do not touch or stir the noodles. They will start to get golden brown and crispy on the bottom (we’re only going to crisp up one side).

Meanwhile, slice and dice your vegetables into bite-sized pieces.

I'm guessing colorful vegetables only matter if you're not colorblind, or blind. You could technically use green beans, green onion, green bell pepper, asparagus, and snap peas and achieve a similar effect.

When the noodles are nice and crispy and golden brown on the bottom, remove and place somewhere where it can rest and be drained of oil. I used a plastic colander, but you can use anything, such as a cooling rack with something below it or a bed of paper towels (although the towels might stick to the noodles). There should still be oil left in the pan. This oil will be used for the stir fry.

Crank the heat up to as high as it can go. Stir fry carrots, onions, and bamboo shoots first for about five minutes. Add pork, salt, pepper, and sugar (about one tablespoon) to taste, and stir fry for about four more minutes. Finally, add green pepper and green onion. Stir fry for about one more minute, then remove from heat.

Taste the rainbow

Plate your noodles and heap the stir fry on top. Serve hot.

The Result


Much thanks to r.Evo from for the re-touched photo!

4.5 / 5 First off, pasta really sucks in pan fried noodles. They dehydrate too much and become a bit too hard. Use Asian noodles. Hell, you can even use instant ramen, which works surprisingly well in this role. Second, the flavor is pretty good though: nice, rich, and oily. The noodles go great along with a flavorful stir fry.


This is a pretty easy dish to make. Pan fried noodles take very little work and stir fries are very easy to make. If there’s any dish that is easy to make yet still decently healthy, this is it. I highly recommend trying this dish if you are interested in Asian cuisine.

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